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“I baked my first cake when I was 8. I sneaked into the kitchen and tried making a butter cake.” Growing up Aida has always been food curious. She remembers spending time at her grandmother’s place and making agar-agar kering. “In those days if you wanted chicken curry, you caught a chicken in the backyard and pluck the feathers off by hand,” she grins. Through the years she started cooking more and more and back from the US started a brownie business from her kitchen.

“You must have passion for food and you must always try new things.” If she’s not making cakes or doing her work as FC’s chef-in-residence she will be pouring over cookbooks and magazines for new recipes. Her house is the site of many family parties and foodie gatherings. 

She is happiest preparing food for the people she loves and counts lemon meringue pie as one of her favourite desserts.