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‚ÄčCaroline and us came to work together under serendipitous circumstances. We were looking for a talent who had Malaysian roots but also wanted to host cooking shows. Lo and behold we found her on Youtube cooking up tasty things in her kitchen. To date she’s got over 2 million views on her videos and now does shows for Tastemade, Youtube’s own Food Channel. She was also a contestant on Chef Race a reality show that involved her racing and cooking through America for Team Great Britain.

Caroline comes from a culinary background, trained as a chef and done all sorts from recipe development to catering. Her true passion though is to teach the world how to cook delicious food. Being half Malaysian also means that she often delves into her Southeast Asian roots for recipe inspiration. Simply Caroline is her first half and hour lifestyle and cooking show and we had a ball shooting with her all around KL and in our studios.