Personalities > Debbie Teoh

​Debbie is one of those wonderful people who just loves cooking and feeding people. The more we get to know her, the more we are amazed at her tireless energy and effort in keeping Nyonya recipes and traditions alive. Some of her crockery and kebaya’s are heirlooms (most are over 100 years old!) and she constantly finds new ways to make Nyonya culture and cuisine accessible to people.

Having written one of the most definitive cookbooks on Nyonya cooking, she constantly does talks and cooking demos to give people a taste of how deep and delicious her culture is. Most recently she went to Turin, Italy for the Gourmet Slow Food Festival and completely wowed international foodies with her combination of charm and cooking wizardry. 

Although her recipes are authentic and offers real insight to the work and passion behind tireless Peranakan homecooks, she also develops simplified recipes and short cuts so that those who are trying Nyonya cooking for the first time would not be intimidated.