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Mohana Gill is one of those wonderful gems. Fondly known as Aunty Mohana, she was born and raised in Myanmar, educated in England and Canada. Together with her husband and three sons, she loves to feed people, a consummate nurturer. Nothing makes her happier than seeing someone tuck into her food with gusto. 

“Eating is one of the most important things in our lives,” says the youthful cook and author, Burmese born but pretty much Malaysian since 1965. “We learn to eat from when we are born. Whatever you eat builds your body.” 

Her concern is that there is too much unconscious eating going on nowadays. “If people just think a little bit of what they are putting in their mouths.” So she started researching and came her recipe books chock full of food ideas Vegemania! and Fruitastic! And she won the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards for them. Now she shares some of her favourite recipes in Mohana’s Healthy Recipes.