Sabrina Bahari

Nadia Aqilah Bajuri

A journalist and dreamer whose work and love life is in a rut. Takes very long lunches.

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Meg Lau

Dawn Cheong

Sabrina’s best friend who’s just back from France is experiencing culture shock in more ways than one.

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Kiki Wong

Chelsia Ng

Fashionista and girl about town who’s possessive about people she likes and her street food. Adores noodles.

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Xavier ‘X’

Tony Eussof

Chauvinistic head chef of Soleil who does not appreciate Meg coming in his kitchen and acting like a know it all.

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Zaid Rahiman

Bront Palarae

Tomyum shop owner who falls for ice queen Meg and seduces her with killer sambal belacan.

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Andrew Seoh

Gavin Yap

Tech geek and work buddy of Sabrina with the hots for Kiki ever since he saw her eating noodles.

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Jay Haniff

Adam Sinclair

A typical dude and comfortable with his lot in life, rough around the edges but means well.

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David Logarajah

Oliver Johanan

Line-cook and saucier, friendly but catches you off guard. Self- serving and ambitious.

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Kamarul Fuad

Kimy Ordie

Cheeky line cook who loves nothing more than to goof off, gossip and watch the dramas of the kitchen.

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Nik Salleh

Justin Nazreen

Busboy and sometimes cook, he’s got a mouth on him that gets him into trouble. Often bullied by the rest.

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Napoleon Phang

Michael Chen

Part-time line cook and cake-maker, cooking is his way of escaping his family business and home-life.

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Sam Bishop

Peter Davis

Cocky pattisier who thinks he’s God’s gift to pastry and women. Seduces with cream puffs and pavlova.

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Show Creator

Honey Ahmad

Executive Producers

Honey Ahmad
Adly Rizal


Eunice Lau


Raja Mukriz Raja Ahmad Kamaruddin
Mohd Helmi Yusof
Mohd Riduwan

Art Department

Angie Choo
Low Phoi Chuin
Lim Wen Syn
Lim Fang Wee

Wardrobe & Styling

Jiman Casablancas
Tengku Syahmi
Fatimah Ruzaimi

Assistant Directors

Nor Hazlin Nor Salam
Umie Omar
Angie Choo

Casting Directors

Aden Md Tap
Jules Ong

Editor & Sound

Azlan Radzif Yussof

Make up & Hair

Carlos Harry
Abang Jay

Food Styling

Mohd Adly Rizal, Muhammad Edwan Shaharir, Aida Azizuddin

Bootcamp Trainers

Muhammad Edwan Shaharir
Sjaful Anuar Adzhar