FriedChillies Personalities

Chef Eddie

Charming with an off-kilter sense of humour, Eddie hosts our simple western cooking show in Bahasa Malaysia and also does cooking workshops.

Western Masak Sempoi

Caroline Mili Artiss

Half Sarawakian and half British, we discovered her on Youtube and got her to share her love of cooking and delicious recipes in Simply Caroline.

Simply Caroline

Khalil Rashwan

This Egyptian pizza-maker loves to share recipes from his childhood and life with the world.

Habibi in the Kitchen

Debbie Teoh

​A gifted chef and Nyonya cuisine advocate, Debbie tirelessly holds workshops and travels the world promoting Nyonya culture.

Nyonya Cooking with Debbie Teoh

Riz Ainuddin

A voracious eater and lover of all things food, Riz is not only a host and an actor but is also FriedChillies' New Media Director

Street Chows

Alison J. Victor

A host, radio host and restaurateur when she's not traipsing around town finding the best spots to eat, she's cooking up a storm in her kitchen.

Street Food at Home

Aida Azizuddin

​A fabulous cook and homemaker, she has been FriedChillies' chef-in-residence for over 5 years.

Learning Kitchen With Aida

Mohana Gill

​Healthy eating doyen and cookbook author shows that having your required fruits and veges of the day can be delicious and satisfying.

Mohana’s Healthy Recipes