Ep 10: Roti oh Roti


Kiki takes up a dare to master making roti canai and takes matters to the extreme. A meeting with her grandmother makes Meg realize that there are more challenges in an inter-racial relationship with Zaid than she first thought of. Sabrina entertains fantasies concerning Sam, the hot new pastry chef at Soleil. 

Featured Guest Star

Wong Yok Kim as Alice Lau. Zaid meets Meg’s grandmother, the matriarch of the family who is steeped with tradition and a sense of duty. They are able to converse in Malay but that still doesn’t mean she approves of their inter-racial relationship.

Director: Eunice Lau
Writer: Honey Ahmad
Cast: Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Dawn Cheong, Chelsia Ng, Bront Palarae, Tony Eussof
Guest Stars: Peter Davis, Wong Yok Kim
Genre: Drama
Time: 25.15

Roti Phworrr!

Kiki dresses to kill in some Silas Liew creations. His style is minimalist with emphasis on natural fabrics and tailoring. From the sexy black jacket that Kiki wears while stalking a mamak to the kimono inspired number during the roti canai scene, you really don’t want to mess with her in the fashion stakes.

It’s got a Hard Exterior, but she’s all Soft Inside

One of the piece de resistance in I Eat KL is what we call the ‘Interview Pavlova’. Sam interviews for a pattisier job by bringing in a deceptively simple pavlova covered in cream and fresh fruits. In the world of chefs not the most impressive of desserts and yet its simplicity and audacity impresses Meg. We think next time you go for a job, ask us for the recipe.

Teh Tarik Time

Everyone has a Local Mamak that they go to for a teh tarik lepak session and their fix of roti, maggi goreng or just good old curry on rice. Making roti canai is a skill that is not easily learnt as Kiki finds out. Is it a toss and a fold or a little twitch fold first? Want to try it yourself?


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