Ep 11: Chocolates & Cream


As Sam and Sabrina’s flirtation heats up, so does the rivalry between him and Napoleon, the existing cake guy. When Meg tries to break off their brawl, this aggravates her bad back. Xavier helps her out witnessed by a jealous Zaid. Sparks fly between Kiki and hotshot chocolatier Carl when she follows Sabrina on an assignment.

Featured Guest Star

Craig Foong as Carl Zu. Craig plays a chocolatier with a borderline obsession with his edible creations. Anal retentive, arrogant and incredibly sure of himself, Carl is exactly the kind of man that would drive a girl crazy.

Director: Eunice Lau
Writer: Honey Ahmad
Cast: Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Dawn Cheong, Chelsia Ng, Bront Palarae, Tony Eusoff, Peter Davis, Michael Chen, Kimy Ordie, Justin Nazreen, Oliver Johanan
Guest Stars: Craig Foong
Genre: Drama
Time: 25.40

Heating up the Drama

Since a lot of cooking and drama happens in Soleil’s Kitchen we needed to find a space that is industrial yet modern and also had all the equipment we need. Silverspoon International College owned by Chef Zam was an excellent fine. It had the swinging doors, a fully stocked kitchen and a great (and clean) alleyway. Afterall, the alleyway was where most of the brawling, socializing and flirting happens in this show.


Like Sex only Better

How are obsessed food artisans like? Take Chocolate, it takes a certain kind of patience and precision to simmer, temper and roll creations. So hence our chocolatier makes the most wonderful confectionery but at the same time is a little OCD. This ordered and fussy man meets his match in the chaotic devil-may-care whirlwind that is Kiki. Or is it the other way round?

Clutch and Swing

​Our girls have plenty of cool bags to put their girly things in. Clutches and totes from Thirtyfour comes in hot colours with touch-happy fabrics and leather. We love Kiki’s signature hot pink clutch that pops what she wears while Sab’s everyday tote is roomy enough to carry her laptop in for on-the-go writing.


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