Ep 12: Wonderland


Sabrina introduces Sam to Jay at a chance meeting not realizing there are still old feelings between them. To prove a point, Kiki accepts Carl’s challenge to be a vegetarian. Nik the busboy fed up with being bullied quits and throws the kitchen into chaos when a blackout occurs. Unable to assuage his doubts about their relationship Zaid gives Meg an ultimatum.

Featured Guest Star

​Faiq Shazwan Kuhairi as The Burger Dude. In KL we envision that your local burger seller would be the equivalent of the all-listening bartender. He listens to Sabrina’s ‘burger monologues’ deadpan, a seemingly unsympathetic figure at first but eventually develops a friendship with her. 

Director: Eunice Lau
Writer: Honey Ahmad
Cast: Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Dawn Cheong, Chelsia Ng, Bront Palarae, Tony Eusoff, Adam Sinclair, Justin Nazreen, Kimy Ordie
Guest Stars: Peter Davis, Chew Kinwah, Michael Chen, Craig Foong, Juliana Ibrahim
Genre: Drama
Time: 24.30

Now Suffer the Curry Sweats

Banana Leaf Rice- we Malaysians love it- hot white rice on a plate of banana leaf with curries drizzled on top and served with fried tenggiri or chicken. This is eaten with various vegetable dishes like stewed pumpkin or deep fried bittergourd and some crispy papadoms. Many eat this during the 2-hour long Friday lunches and then usher in the weekend early with a desk-nap in the afternoon.

Eat Me

Many ideas were thrown around for what Sam would woo Sabrina with. It had to be something so magnificent, outlandish and heart-stopping to render any competition futile. At first we wanted to make an entire city out of pastry so Sabrina can literally ‘eat KL’ but with time constraints we finally decided on a Cream Puff Tower made from choux pastry and drizzled with dark chocolate. How can a girl say no to that?

Bistro Soleil

Taylor’s College School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts was a great choice for the front of Soleil. We wanted a sunny place that is classy but also able to be modified to fit a French restaurant in KL. They kindly let us use Tangerine, one of their training restaurants for this purpose.


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