Ep 13: Hungry in the City


Kiki weakened by the lack of meat in her diet bumps into Andrew with unexpected consequences.Sabrina discovers that her relationship with Sam might be too good to be true. David, the sous chef discovering that Thomas is opening another restaurant shows his ambition for the top job. Meg finally gets Soleil only to discover that it might have cost what truly mattered to her.

Featured Guest Star

​Kak Hani as herself. We love it when our favourite vendors do cameos in I Eat. Afterall a large part of the show is a tribute to these tireless men and women plying their delicious food to the hungry masses of KL. 

Director: Eunice Lau
Writer: Honey Ahmad
Cast: Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Dawn Cheong, Chelsia Ng, Bront Palarae, Tony Eusoff, Gavin Yap, Oliver Johanan, Adam Sinclair
Guest Stars: Peter Davis, Chew Kinwah, Michael Chen, Benji Lim
Genre: Drama
Time: 28.00

That Old Feeling

We love Satellite Chicken Rice. It truly has that old school feel with the tiled floors, weathered chopping boards and old uncles sitting around drinking on a Friday afternoon. It is exactly the kind of place Kiki would frequent. Shooting here was a coup, erm… except for when the beer uncle club got rowdy. Fact: We originally had the owner of Satellite doing a cameo but all his friends broke into applause after the scene rendering the take unusable. 

Denim Magic

​All the denim the girls wear in I Eat is from Actually KL, a great multi-label inner city boutique that brings in cool urban wear to the denizens of KL. A lot of the hip and casual tops in the show are also from their shop in Publika.

“I make killer scrambled eggs huh?”

A guy should always have the ability to whip up a quick protein fix in the wee hours in case he gets lucky. Take 4 eggs and whisk with salt and pepper. Add some slices of onions if you feel like it. Heat a knob of butter in pan and stir in eggs. Once it clumps together and is the consistency you desire pour in a shot of cold milk or cream. Upend on plate and serve with hot buttered toast. She’ll be back for more.


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