Ep 5: The Assam Laksa Effect


When discovering that her favourite assam laksa vendor has died, Kiki stalks his son and tries to convince him to continue the family business. Meg looses her cool when bullied by Nik and Kamarul causing Xavier to throw her out of the kitchen. She takes her frustration out on Zaid when he steps in to help. Sabrina bumps into ex-boyfriend Jay who has moved on and this propels her to start dating again.

Featured Guest Star

​Saiful ‘La Poiderossa’ Najri as Jamal ‘J-Dawg’ Awang. He’s a hip-hop dude that Sabrina can’t resist dating after discovering their shared love for nasi lemak. A little known fact is that this hip-hopper is not only a rapper in real life but a chef too!

Director: Atomsk
Writer: Keeta Brennan
Cast: Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Dawn Cheong, Chelsia Ng, Tony Eussof, Bront Palarae, Gavin Yap, Adam Sinclair, Justin Nazreen, Kimy Ordie, Oliver Johanan
Guest Stars: Saiful 'La Poiderossa' Najri, Albert Ang
Genre: Drama
Time: 24.30

Get into KL’s Kopitiam Culture

Despite the tight shooting schedule we really wanted to feature a few KL food institutions. Yut Kee is one of the oldest kopitiams in the city, serving up Hainanese and local western for more than 80 years. We filmed on their off day and many of the coffeeshop scenes between Sabrina and Andrew are shot here. In this episode Kiki stalks Alan, the assam laksa heir here and we love the contrast of the cheery old world charm of Yut Kee with Kiki’s 60s inspired ‘mourning’ clothes.

Nostalgia in a Bowl

A bowl of rice noodles drenched in a sour-fishy broth, Assam Laksa is addictive, pungent and in your face- what we love about food in Malaysia. As with most street fare, many of the vendors are getting older with children that will not take over their family business. This is a real concern as these vendors retire or pass away, their recipes and shops die with them. Food to us is like a taste journal and a simple bowl of noodles can evoke the nostalgia of childhood or memories of times past. Liang and Liang is a fictional stall but the laksa is from O & S assam laksa in Paramount Garden. 

Dressed for Success

We adore Missoni’s two piece suits and dresses. Sabrina who is slightly dreamy still fancies herself a serious reporter and loves dressing up for her job. Their clothes are clean cut enough for office and yet quirky enough to fit Sab’s bubbly personality.


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