Ep 6: Truth or Dare


A prank gone wrong results in Meg challenging Xavier to a cook-off. Kiki annoyed with her mother tells her about her father’s affair and ends up having a row with him. Sabrina starts finding hip-hopper Jamal’s bad rapping tedious only to face some uncomfortable truths about herself.

Featured Guest Star

Angeline Tan as Fiona Wu-Wong. Beautiful and funny Angeline stars as Kiki’s social butterfly mother. She’s frivolous and concerned about keeping up appearances, something Kiki shares with her mother even as it drives her crazy.

Director: Atomsk
Writer: Keeta Brennan
Cast: Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Dawn Cheong, Chelsia Ng, Tony Eusoff, Gavin Yap, Oliver Johanan, Kimy Ordie, Justin Nazreen
Guest Stars: Saiful 'La Poiderossa' Najri, Chew Kinwah, Angeline Tan, Kenji Sawahi, Juliana Ibrahim
Genre: Drama
Time: 23.50

Fashion with ‘Pull’ Factor

When Sabrina dates a hip hopper she also dresses for the occasion. The bomber jacket she wears in their dating scene is from Tarik Jeans, a cool local designer that designs jeans with a teh tarik mamak on it and make jackets with captions like ‘who’s your mamak?’. Yeah, we think it’s awesome too.

When all else fails, Eat Ice Cream

Ice cream is indeed one of life’s comfort food. As our girls comfort each other, they eat with relish from tubs of Last Polka. These local ice cream makers have been thrilling people with flavours like teh tarik, Horlicks and our favourite salted gula Melaka- yum!

Inner City Tête-à-tête

In this episode Sabrina goes out on a date with Jamal the hip hopper at a nasi lemak stall right in the middle of KL. RA Nasi Lemak is famous for their fried paru (cow’s lungs). It is the sweetest example of how two people might not have much in common but their shared passion for food can be the basis of a possible relationship. Dating someone who’s into nasi lemak? Click here.


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