Ep 8: The Games we Play


Amin’s constant intellectualism is starting to get on Sabrina’s nerves until Jay points out her tendency to judge her boyfriends. She also discovers that Andrew post Kiki is not a very nice guy. Meanwhile, Kiki unsuccessfully tries to extort money from her mother and finally realizes that she needs to get a proper job. Meg ends up fighting with Zaid when she can’t stop obsessing about Soleil on her day off.

Featured Guest Star

​Benji Lim as Dylan Chua aka Boon Tong Kee. Kiki’s old geeky friend who possibly had a crush on her in university. He’s now grown up, a little more polished and now discovers that he has something that Kiki needs for a change.

Director: Atomsk
Writer: Farah Draim
Cast: Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Dawn Cheong, Chelsia Ng, Bront Palarae, Tony Eusoff, Gavin Yap, Adam Sinclair, Kimy Ordie, Justin Nazreen
Guest Stars: Angeline Tan, Khairil M. Bahar, Benji Lim
Genre: Drama
Time: 27.50

We keep good Head

Our girls rocks Sereni + Shentel headbands in most of I Eat KL. It’s a staple for Sabrina and she has a closet full of them from subtle ribboned ones to bejewelled bands. Kiki being the most outrageous wears a crazy red ribbon one (see pictures above from Ep 1)- absurdly girly and yet we can’t get enough of them!

Better than a Bar Anytime…

Everyone has a favourite burger stall. It’s a place you go at night for a sinful snack and we think burger sellers are witness to all sorts of life’s dramas. Our location, Adi Burger Shop is a shinning example of a homegrown enterprise that takes pride in the food they serve. A one up from your burger stall to almost a diner on wheels, do yourselves a favour. Must. Try. The. Mushroom. Burger. .

Midnight Grease

Universally loved and yet so local, street burgers in Malaysia are usually not patty reliant. Most of the patties are processed starting from the infamous Ramly Burger. What makes them different is how they prepare it- wrapped in egg, butterflied, crisped, steamed, charcoal grilled with sauces enough to make a runny beautiful mess. However, recently there’s been a trend of street-side Burger Bakar where the patties are homemade that’s taking KL by storm.


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