Ep 9: The Art of Fusion


Kiki has to manage her first big event while Sabrina on the road to friendship bliss with Jay agrees to meet his new girlfriend. This sets her into panic mode and unable to get Meg asks Kiki for advice. Meg takes a catering job with Zaid and is forced to face the fact that she’s not the only chef of note in the relationship.

Featured Guest Star

Juliana Ibrahim as Juliana Sideq. If there ever was a fourth girl Juju is it. Kiki’s sworn frenemy, she’s a fashion victim with more money than sense. Yet as Kiki keeps up appearances and quietly harbours her insecurities, Juju just struts through life oblivious to it all. 

Director: Atomsk
Writer: Aziz Draim
Cast: Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Dawn Cheong, Chelsia Ng, Bront Palarae, Adam Sinclair
Guest Stars: Juliana Ibrahim, Benji Lim
Genre: Drama
Time: 25.50

Go Shopping with Chefs

The Shah Alam Sunday Market is a perfect place to get fresh produce, organic meats and breakfast of all kinds. Even in the wee hours of the morning there is already a soup seller over huge pots of cow bones and tails. We Malaysians are not shy about food. It’s also where Meg sees Zaid in his element, and this brings her a little closer to him.

Urbane Glamour

Syomir Izwa makes the most beautiful clothes for women. Although his creations are peppered liberally within this show, for the art gallery scene we dressed up Kiki and Sabrina to the nines. Glitzy cocktail dresses with decadent patterned jackets and those sensational pleated pants that Sab wears is simply mind-blowing.

What’s in the secret paste?

The Sarawak laksa in the opening scene is from the stall in Nam Chuan in Bangsar. This is one of the closest you get to this east-side dish. It’s coarse beehoon in a briny chicken broth- intensely satisfying. We have been trying for sometime now to make a Sarawak Laksa from scratch but still have yet to crack the perfect paste.


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