Pilot: Friends and Rivals


Sabrina finds herself in a work and relationship rut. Her social life doesn’t offer any relief as she finds herself torn between best friend Meg and new-ish friend Kiki. Meg discovers being in charge of her uncle’s restaurant Soleil is not a given and has to deal with chauvinistic head chef, Xavier. Kiki is confronted by her father for over spending but shrugs this off like most things.

Featured Guest Star

Chew Kinwah as Thomas Lau. The cheapskate owner of Soleil and Meg’s uncle. He’s everything you don’t like about people with more money than taste- boorish, opinionated and penny pinching. Meg can’t stand his ethics and yet is duty bound to work at his restaurant.

Director: Eunice Lau
Writer: Honey Ahmad
Cast: Nadia Aqilah Bajuri, Dawn Cheong, Chelsia Ng, Tony Eusoff, Gavin Yap, Adam Sinclair, Oliver Johanan, Kimy Ordie, Justin Nazreen
Guest Stars: Chew Kinwah, Kenji Sawahii, Juliana Ibrahim
Genre: Drama
Time: 25.45

Dim Sum Dalliances

Many KL women have dim sum with girlfriends as a ritual for gossip and small bites. Luk Yu Teahouse in Starhill is a gorgeous backdrop for the opening scene where you first meet the girls of I Eat KL. It’s smack in the center of the city, sexy and serves delicious dim sum! We love the oriental touches of marble topped tables, dark wood Chinese motives and porcelain serving ware. 

Stop Traffic with this Dress!

The red Alia Bastamam dress Kiki wore in the opening scene is an absolute showstopper. Being the most fashion forward character, Kiki is brazen, bold and fearless in her dressing. The red dress is not only delectable on the outside but also has a beautiful silken blue lining that will make anyone wearing it feel like a million bucks. 

Join Sab’s Nasi Lemak Quest

Warm coconut rice with a side of sambal, fried ikan bilis, cucumbers and boiled egg is Malaysia’s unofficial national dish. Sabrina is on an unending quest to find the perfect plate of nasi lemak (a little like finding the perfect man: elusive and unobtainable). We love Kak Hani (who appears in episode 13) and Abang Ramli’s nasi lemak famous for their ayam masak merah limau purut that sells in the morning next to the bus stop in Uptown. So for the pivotal nasi lemak scene in the pilot we persuaded them to set up stall at night. 


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Teaser: I Eat KL Fashion

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Pilot: Friends and Rivals

Sabrina finds herself in a work and relationship rut. Her social life doesn’t offer any relief as she finds herself torn between best friend Meg and…

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